Eradico Services, Inc.

Eradico Services, Inc.

1030 Woodward Hts
Ferndale, MI 48220-1486
(248) 546-6200

Protecting you Family with Eradico

The harsh cold winters of Detroit can do a number on the pests in your neighborhood. Cockroaches, spiders and ants are slowed down but not by any means gone. Ants will go deeper into the ground to escape the cold but they are still their wanting for a little warmth to rise again and wreck havoc on unsuspecting victims. Spiders for the most part do not live underground and are forced to seek else where for protection from the harsh Detroit winters. You guessed it your home…have no fear let Eradico take care of your pest control needs and have you living worry free of the pests Detroit has to offer.


Eradico Pest Control
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