Images of SOPA Protesters

Today was to be the internet blackout day in protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Mike Halvorsen named some big names in his blog post on those that were going to protest:

Among those names were Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Ebay. None of these have actually closed their sites for the day, but a few are voicing some protest on their site. Other big name websites, like WordPress, Reddit, and Wikipedia have stepped up to the plate. Here are screen shots of websites protesting the “Stop Online Piracy Act”.


I actually found to have the more unique and creative protests. Imagine how many wordpress blogs could be in danger of SOPA regulations. In fact, this entire blog could be shut down for even using a screen shot of the wordpress homepage. Clearly wordpress has not blacked out their entire site due to SOPA, as this is a blog, and I am personally grateful they did not. also strikes in opposition of SOPA. Although at the bottom of the page you can find a link back to the old page.


Amazon Protest

In case you missed Amazon’s protesting efforts…

So look again and you will see a small box in the top right hand corner labeled “Reasons to oppose or modify SOPA.” Amazon is walking a fine line here as many authors may have reasons to support SOPA.


No doodle from Google in protest of SOPA. The google logo still appears on the google maps vertical, but does not appear in google’s other vertical searches. The link on google’s home page takes you to their page dedicated to protesting the movement and includes the following nifty PDF. < click the image to download it >

Surprisingly YouTube shows nothing in opposition of SOPA.

Wikipedia – Biggest Protester

Very compelling message by Wikipedia, a site built upon FREE information. They also implement a great call to action to help push phone calls to “your representatives.” Their goal is to melt Washington D.C. phone lines. Worthy attempt. Although wikipedia did not have a complete blackout, and they are employing a rather sneaky redirect. Although I assume that Google will most likely ignore this black hat tactic. You will notice that the above page loads first then the redirect loads on top of that page. My guess is that Wikipedia understands the damage that could occur to their SEO should they show the search engines a bunch of duplicate content and/or pages down. And if you really need Wikipedia to do your homework then try

Other Notable Protesting Websites

Mozilla‘s home page:

Mozilla’s blog mentions the protest but their blog and all other internal pages are still live.


Reddit‘s Entire Website for 12 hours:

This includes all of Reddit’s internal pages.

_ is censored in protest of SOPA

_, upon login gives the following message and screen shot in protest.

_ adds a notice on their homepage.


Congress Woman @RepAnnaEshoo of California is protesting on her site:

Anna Eshoo represents California’s 14th Congressional District–the heart of Silicon Valley. She is Ranking Member of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee.

_ is also adding a protest to their local directories, but with a link to click on through.

Image from Craig's List Phoenix AZ

_ marks through their logo and posts two articles at the top of their page explaining SOPA.

_ Homepage Support for SOPA

Watch Why You should Support SOPA Video. Farks deeper pages are all still active. And instead of a blackout they went with a white-out.

Non Protesting Sites as of Today:

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Ebay have nothing on their homepages in opposition of SOPA. Bing announced it’s protest, but nothing on Bing shows them as protesting. And while Godaddy was once listed as a supporter, they have nothing on their website going either way.

Perhaps it’s because the bill is nearly dead at this time, but with the exception of Wikipedia and Reddit, I feel that the protesting websites have failed to actually “BLACK OUT”, and their protests are weak. As a business, I can understand the actual costs involved in shutting down for a day. Google would loose millions if it closed it’s doors for one day. Wikipedia has the luxury of being a Non-Profit, so no money will be lost. As for Godaddy, they are smart for staying out of the political heat.

Feel free to add any additional sites in protest to the comments below.

And that is a day in online protest, from your local pest control guy, at Bulwark Exterminating.

Promoted Tweet on Pest Control Twitter Stream by WHO?

A Promoted Tweet on Pest Control term by an electrical company?

“Technology has to be invented or adopted.”  – Jared Diamond

Okay so this a cool quote and all, but why?

Why would GE want to promote this tweet on the pest control stream? Where is the connection? Did someone just do some keyword research and find pest control related to technology?  Are exterminators a large consumer of light bulbs? Sorry, just not getting it.  Pest Control Technology… Hmmm…. I mean there is a pest control technology magazine. And I often feel that Bulwark Exterminating is becoming more of a technology company than a residential pest control service… but still not getting the full picture here.

I guess the plus side to this is that I am blogging about this simply out of awe. But does it make me more inclined to buy from the promoter of said tweet?


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Social Media Report: Scorpion Sting Facebook, Google+, Twitter

Social media platforms are constantly put in head to head comparisons. So when Mat Siltala from Dream Systems Media did a post about his scorpion sting on all 3 social media platforms simultaneously, the intuitive nature of Mat kicked in. Between Facebook, Google+, and twitter, which platform would be most responsive to a post about scorpion stings? What would be your guess? The results may surprise you a bit.

Google+ Count

Have Matt in circles (2158) – That is a fairly good audience. Google+ is fresh. It’s the new upbeat social hang out. One could speculate that it has more real users… or not. But Google didn’t take the cake for Mat’s scorpion sting post.

Twitter Count

3,618 Followers – That is a healthy twitter following. Mat Siltala has been a very busy busy body on twitter. His follower to follow ratio is fantastic. He puts out a steady stream of useful content. And he laughs out loud some funny infographics. But can twitter compete with the socialness of facebook?

Facebook Social Weight

Friends (602) – Clearly Mat is more selective with his Facebook audience. With a count of 602 the facebook audience is a fraction of Mat’s Google+ and Twitter following. But honestly, Facebook seems to be more intimate. Mat’s lower friend count is because Mat is selective about who views his Facebook stream. And in Mat’s case, he shares things that are bit more private. So I naturally believed that Facebook would be the best setting for a conversation about scorpion stings. Regular life happens on facebook.

And the Scorpion Sting Survey Says…

Twitter wins!

So wait… twitter isn’t just about news and high-tech stuff? You can actually have a conversation on twitter about life? Do you want to know what I had for breakfast?

Okay… I will keep the meal tweets to a minimum. But I was shocked that twitter got the bulk of the interaction. Granted, this wasn’t a planned out scientific test so there are a number of variables that alter this example. But even still, a pest control guy can pick up a conversation on twitter about bugs. And if you know how to converse then you can effectively communicate with twitter. If you can communicate then you can market.

What are your thoughts on operation Scorpion Sting?

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Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Scores Big

Now that’s we’ve had a few days to digest all the chicken wings and baby back ribs from Sunday’s Super Bowl, we’ve also had time to digest the onslaught of new commercials from our nation’s advertising giants.  What were your favorites?  Funniest?  Commercial that might actually affect a future purchase?

Being at a party with tons of food, 5 other couples and a handful of kids running and crawling around (including my own),  it was a bit tough to catch all the commercials like in previous years.  One of the first ads I remember seeing was the “Guy obsessed with cheese Doritos” ad.

“Hey, are you going to finish those?”  “Sorry.  They’re already gone.”  “No they’re not.  You left the best part.”  Guy abruptly jams his co-workers cheesy fingers into his mouth.  “Mmmm, cheese!”

Another good one was Snickers’ Lumberjacks spot.  Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr make the cameos in this one.  All we really need to know in this one is that Roseanne Barr gets absolutely mowed down.  Describing it wouldn’t even do it justice.

Hahahahaha!  Oh man, that doesn’t get old!

I was a little disappointed in Mercedes Benz’s ad featuring P. Diddy.  Diddy historically does great commercials, Super Bowl or not.  I still think his Pepsi Truck commercial from a few years ago is my favorite Super Bowl ads of all time.  This years’ Benz commercial seemed really anticlimactic.  Once Diddy came in the picture, I was hooked, but only to be let down by the featuring of the new car line.  I wanted more Diddy!

Our favorite commercial here at the office comes with good reason.  Being a pest control company, we thoroughly enjoyed Volkswagen’s ad for the new Beetle.  I didn’t even know it was for VW until the very end, but for 25 seconds I was really, really interested and entertained by this little beetle’s race through the forest as he slid past Mr. Centipede and raced by the praying mantis boxing match.  The rest is history.

Sure, we might be a little bias, but it was an awesome ad.  It grabbed your attention from the beginning.  The music definitely helped.  The race scenes along the ground were creative and humorous.  For being a commercial with no dialog, it was fabulous.

To our defense, we’re also not the only ones that think so.  In a study just released by Alterian, an international marketing group, Volkswagen has had the most social media conversations dating back to Dec. 1, 2010.  Of those conversations, VW is also ranked #1 in both highest positive sentiment (22%) and lowest negative sentiment (3%).  More than two-thrids of those conversations and mentions happened on micro-blogging sites.  We’ll safely assume Twitter was the main channel.

I’ve since gone back and taken a look at some of the ad spots that I missed and I have to say there are some pretty good ones.  But I’m sticking with my first impression on this one that Volkswagen’s ad was the highlight of this year’s Super Bowl ad wars.

First Ever Bulwark Exterminating Cockroach Race

National Cockroach Race Day is Wednesday, Jan. 26th.  To honor this absolutely fabulous day, Bulwark Exterminating is sponsoring its first ever #RoachRace on Twitter.  What exactly is a #RoachRace you ask?

It’s actually quite simple.  Sponsors (Contestants) will claim a specific cockroach species.  German Cockroach.  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  American Cockroach. Etc, etc.

Sponsors will then be assigned a corresponding hashtag. #BulwarkGermanRoach. #BulwarkHissingRoach. #BulwarkAmericanRoach. Etc, etc.

That assigned roach hashtag  will be coupled with the hashtag #RoachRace

Now comes the race.  Contestants will have the task on Wednesday to see how many tweets and retweets they can get with their assigned hashtag.  The contestant with the most mentions of their hashtag…wins!

What’s the prize?  Well, since we’re not really in a position to take bets and disclose odds and spreads and stuff like that, we’re giving away one of @tshirtSEO’s famed and highly coveted t-shirts.  These shirts were recently featured on ABC’s Now@9 morning show in Phoenix.

All sponsors will receive a Roach Pest Control t-shirt, featuring our super cool roach logo.  We’ll also throw in a 10-pack of glue traps from  And of course they will get lots of props, mentions, and thank you’s.  This is all stuff money can’t buy, folks!

And if you happen to be in the Phoenix area, we’ll even treat you to a nice lunch.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.

Front Row For ABC15’s First Ever Station Tweetup

So, we here at Bulwark tend to fancy ourselves at social media geeks.  We all have facebook accounts.  We all have twitter accounts.  Naturally, we run the Bulwark accounts on a regular basis.  We always check in with Foursquare when we go out to lunch.  Whenever we get the chance, we always try to attend any local twitter events that A. sound interesting and B. interest us.  We went to #SunsTweetup a couple weeks ago vs. the Portland Trailblazers.  Both interesting, and of interest.

This week we had another fabulous experience at a local tweetup.  ABC15 here in Phoenix hosted the first ever live and on air tweetup event during the Now@9 morning show.  We documented the experience from start to finish, and this is how it looked.

Before we even got to the station, this is how the morning started as we got off the freeway in Phoenix…

High Voltage Warning Sign

Despite the warning, we pressed on, and within minutes found ourselves at the ABC15 studios.  After a brief waiting period our group of 100 tweeps was escorted into the filming studio.  We were lucky enough to get first row seats in front of the news desk where the anchors sit.  The majority of our group was parked behind us at a different angle, facing big monitors and some green screens.  The anchors soon made their way to the set and began all the last-minute prep work before showtime.

ABC15's Amber Sullins and Susan Casper

Camera #2 at ABC15's Studio B

ABC15 Tweetup Audience

Before we knew it, the show was off and filming.  This was how the show began…

Our esteemed head honcho, Thomas, aka Thos003, has a thing for printing custom twitter shirts for the host of that particular twitter event.  We look for a humorous tweet from that person (or people) and put it on the front chest of the shirt.  For SunsTweetup, we printed one for Jared Dudley.  We think he liked it!  So of course we made shirts for the show’s anchors: Susan Casper, Rebecca Thomas, Amber Sullins and Kirk Yuhnke.  We even made a couple for some of the producers.  Here is Kirk showing his shirt on air and giving a little love to Bulwark and yours truly.

And the show rolled on…

ABC15 Now@9 Morning Show

We also shared the spotlight with a holiday caroling group, The Goode Time Carolers.

“Net Neutrality” was the big topic of the morning across the country, and Now@9 took time to read a few Facebook comments regarding the issue.

Next national controversy of the morning was the decency of Hooters Restaurant girls.  The business model is a little too liberal for places like San Francisco, and apparently there is a pending lawsuit against the famed restaurant.  The anchors weighed in…

The hour went by rather fast.  After the anchors closed up the show they glad-handed all the tweeps and snapped a few photos with us.  As planned, each anchor got their own shirt with their own tweet on the front.

Steve and Thomas with the Now@9 anchors

Big thanks to ABC15, Susan, Rebecca, Amber and Kirk for holding the tweetup and allowing us to come share the morning with them.