Mosquito Count

Manitoba Health concludes that the numbers of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes,  mosquitoes known for carrying the West Nile Virus, are beginning to increase. The adult mosquito population is contingent on weather and pest control remedies. The weather will determine if their is enough moisture for the mosquitoes to reproduce. If the temperatures stay hot, and rainsRead More

Our Pest Control Family

We want to say thanks to Gerry over at Heart’s Pest Control in San Diego, for posing such a great question in his pest control post. Read Family Business vs. A Business of Family Do you work for a family business or a business run like a family? We feel the same way here atRead More

A Bee C Tip Of the Day

The Bee’s are outside doing their job with cross pollination.  Bees are attracted to “citrus” smells.  You may want to avoid shampoo or conditioner that utilizes citrus extracts.  Bees may accidentally mistake you to bee’ the latest “orange blossom.” KT