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Catch Negative Reviews Before They Happen – Why Customer Resolution Matters

Customer service is the cornerstone of any business. If your customers aren’t happy, then you don’t have any customers. Your employees should be trained on the best ways to resolve all different types of complaints or problems your customers could have. And, your employees need to know how important that customer resolution really is. In the past, one unresolved complaint could go unnoticed and not have a large effect. Now, one unresolved complaint can turn into an online rant that can reach all of your customers and potential customers. Customers Require Resolution When customers have problems with your company, their shopping experience, their purchase, etc., they want a resolution to… Read More

4 Ways To Save Money In Your Supply Chain

No matter the size of a business, supply chains demand a sizeable cost percentage. In tough times, reducing chain spend wherever possible will give organizations – especially smaller ones with less budgetary leeway – a competitive and monetary edge. But with something as comprehensive and complicated as a supply chain, how do you judge where savings can be made? 1. Start Small- Perform Cost Analysis Of All Chain Components & Implement Changes Slowly Knowing what you’re spending, where and why, will help eliminate unnecessary cost. Though this sounds obvious, over time it is easy to loose track of such intricacies, so a detailed spend analysis should be conducted regularly. Remember that economizing your supply… Read More

10 Mistakes Companies Make On Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool. It allows you to connect with a broad audience, provides a venue to interact with customers, and can give your company a personal feel. However, to be effective, Facebook must be used correctly. There are a number of mistakes that some companies make that turn off potential customers. 1. Posting Too Often Of course it is a good idea to post frequently. It keeps customers engaged and coming back for important information. However, there is also a point where it becomes too much. If you are posting five times a day, people are going to get annoyed and stop following you.… Read More

Best Practices For Generating Repeat Business

Being able to bring in business is great, but keeping a customer loyal is even better. It has been proven time and time again that it takes less effort and money to keep a current customer satisfied than it does to bring in new business. There should be no question that repeat business is absolutely essential for success. Here are some best practices for generating repeat business: Superior Customer Service This first bit of advice may seem too obvious to mention, but it is crucial. You can’t just have good customer service; you need to have superior customer service. Your business has to stand out above every other competitor in… Read More

Four Ways To Be Proactive In Managing Your Online Reputation

The online reputation of your business is so important that you literally cannot afford to sit idly by while it develops on its own. Here are four ways that you can be proactive in managing your online reputation and help steer things in the right direction. Actively Monitor Your Reputation You should be constantly monitoring your reputation online, not waiting to hear about the buzz after the fact. Actively monitor your reputation by frequently (every few days or so) checking each of the review sites your business is located on, including Yelp, Google+ Local, and other niche websites. When you claim your listings by joining a site, you can usually… Read More

7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Becoming a successful small business owner takes hard work and absolute dedication to your vision. Unfortunately, not all small companies survive past their first year. To help your company’s chances, you need to embrace some of the most important habits of successful small business owners. 1. Set Specific Goals Small business owners must constantly set and meet new goals to build success. At first, these goals start small, such as meeting a particular sales quota over the course of a month. Once the company becomes more established, small business owners must make loftier goals to keep themselves and their team from becoming complacent. 2. Manage Money Wisely For a beginning… Read More

How To Keep Your Small Business Afloat

In tough economic times, many people are turned off by the idea of starting a small business. Statistics it may seem are not in their favor. Even when someone does get a business off the ground, keeping it running smoothly and successfully requires more energy than some may be willing to muster. While situations vary depending on the product or service you sell, there are certain practices to keep in mind if you are trying to keep a small business afloat. Consider the following five points. 1. Maintain the Strengths You Already Have This usually means maintaining those employees your company would be crippled without. There are likely certain people… Read More

Enhance Your Pest Control Image


How To Enhance Your Image With Strategically Designed Pest Control Uniforms This past weekend I was going for a late afternoon walk with my wife and daughter when something peculiar caught my eye. I passed a pest control technician getting out of his truck wearing nothing more then shorts, sneakers and a tee-shirt (I’m in Queen Creek, Arizona). If it wasn’t for a small vinyl decal affixed to his truck window, I would have never of guessed he was a pest control technician. Since this experience, I have been doing some digging. Come to find out, almost 37% of pest control professionals are not required to wear a standard uniform. These numbers… Read More

The 3 Most Common Pest Control Marketing Mistakes

  Common Pest Control Marketing Mistakes   It’s no secret that the pest control industry is cutthroat. With so many competitors out there, industry success often comes down to marketing. My strategic management instructor constantly drilled that specific concept to the class. Without product or service differentiation, business success always comes down to marketing. I can still hear his voice, “Marketing, Marketing, MARKETING!” After all, pest control, is pest control, is pest control… At least in the eyes of our customers. With a pest control company’s success often coming down to effective marketing strategies, it’s critical that mistakes are avoided. Here are the three biggest marketing mistakes pest control companies… Read More

Navigating the Pest Control Software Maze

Navigating Maze

Finding a pest control software program for your small business can be challenging and often times overwhelming. With technology changing rapidly some businesses are finding their current software outdated. There are a few things to keep in mind while navigating the pest control software maze. You’ll want a software program that is organized, easy to use, and will make daily, weekly, monthly, or even a year’s schedule easily accessible. A strong customer relationship management program is a must. Look for software that easily enables you to log and track new or existing customers while giving you the ability to route, invoice, and print reports. Many of the software programs will… Read More