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Here we come America the greatest Pest Control Service West of the East coast.

We have salesman out in the field who are tirelessly sharing our pest control story.  Please take the time to hear what they have to say as you could be missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

We send our people to your door.  We then send our technicians to your house for full service and technicians to fortify the barrier at regular intervals. That’s right.  Our service is like Valet service for bugs at your comfortable abode.  We ensure that when we leave; so do your pests…or we come back for free.

Bulwark Exterminating…The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World…


PS…just out– a personal blog of mine so you may get to know a little bit more about a Bulwark Exterminating Employee…: 😀

Bulwark Exterminating: Not An Ordinary Pest Control Service. An Extraordinary Opportunity.

If you have been reading my blog lately you would have noticed that I have taken a more personal approach with my blog posts.  From the beginning I was primarily focused on providing technical tips and insights regarding the pest control industry offering tidbits that would ultimately help get rid of unwanted critters.

To be honest I feel that for the most part you are able to find a good portion of the technical information regarding pest control within my blog and at the same time I must say that I am interested not only with the technical aspects of the pest control industry; but hopefully would offer insight into the development and progression that could be achieved after choosing pest control as a livelihood.

This year will be the first year that my pest control license will expire without renewal.  Although I am still working for Bulwark Exterminating, my role has changed.  I have grown with the company and I am living out my dreams in pursuit of a technical career in the field of technology.  I started out as a pest technician/exterminator, became a service manager, and more recently became a part of the Bulwark IT Team.  I am building databases, web pages, various interfaces, supporting network technologies, etc. in addition to developing life long friendships and obtaining invaluable knowledge and guidance through Bulwark Exterminating stewardship.

“The Secret Is Out,” let me be the first to say, Bulwark Exterminating is not an ordinary Pest Control Service.  Rather, Working for Bulwark has been an extraordinary opportunity.  I am not saying that as a company we are perfect.  In fact, we are constantly reevaluating our “systems” to ensure that they are relevant.  How relevant?

Well we make it our calling to gather feedback–from each individual employee on a consistent basis and most importantly from our customers.  Bulwark Exterminating is an Honorary member of the Better Business Bureau.  Bulwark Exterminating has a website dedicated specifically for customers to offer feedback about their service…guess what the URL is: Grade Your Service Dot Com.

In conclusion let me share a little bit about my initial experience as an employee of Bulwark Extermination’s President:  Bulwark Exterminating has operations across the nation from Arizona to North Carolina. We have a customer base in the tens of thousands.  The first time I met this guy he was driving a conservative rental car, was taking the time to visit each individual branch, talked with his employees, and was wearing pants that had been in his closet for over six years.  It was then that I realized that this was a guy who was well grounded and not money driven.  He has a higher calling.  I am sure if you are lucky enough to work for him one day; he would not mind taking the time to fill you in…

Bulwark Exterminating…”Who should you choose to be your pest control provider?”  Well if you ask me…


Bulwark: The Pest Control Stewardship

It has been a while since my last blog entry.  These past few months have been extremely hectic for me.  My wife and I have had a new baby (#5), I am furthering my education, and I am fortunate to have a job which is continually offering interesting challenges.  At Bulwark Exterminating our culture is in a constant state of flux–operating tirelessly to achieve the big objective: The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.

I have been reflecting upon 2008 and I can hardly believe that we are about to enter a new year.  It is amazing how time flys when you are having fun!  The current economic and foreign policy predicaments that the US are currently facing has negatively affected many Americans attitudes about the future; yet fortunately I have seen many who are willing to remain optimistic, while patiently anticipating an eventual economic upswing, and ultimately a more tolerant world.

It especially easy to be grateful for something during a time of its respective scarcity.  I have personally been extremely grateful for my employment, my spouse’s health, the health of my children, -their safety, and the stewardship of great leaders.  The United States of America is facing many critical challenges that are inherently deduced when the survival of American Values are to be pitted against stoic and mundane American economic policy.  To put things in perspective I will highlight the fact that although Americans have been facing a sluggish economy; Americans continue to find a way to give to charity.

Although at Bulwark Exterminating we have always appreciated our customers, there is, at least in my mind, a heightened awareness towards customer satisfaction.  No marketing is better than positive word of mouth.  There should be no greater advocate of a service; than he/she who is offering the service.  As one who was in need of employment–I am grateful for a small business with a big heart whose willingness to hire a “green” technician with a red fire desire to learn a trade has ultimately allowed me to provide for a young upstart family.

Then again, as a medium-sized business behind a philosophy of “promote on performance,” Bulwark extended a “stewardship” to me which encompassed managing those who would follow in my footsteps…to ensure excellent customer service while offering the latest pest control technologies within a proprietary service.  As a service manager I wanted our customer’s to be happy: With empathy each customer was given the best I have to offer; and I trained our technicians to offer the best.  I took a keen interest in pest control; I took it upon myself to try and master the pest control trade; while absorbing the wisdom offered from Bulwark’s great leaders.  My studies led me to this conclusion:  Before Bulwark Exterminating was in the Pest Control Business, it was in the “People Business.”

This is my blog and these are my thoughts.  I am personally grateful for “Bulwark.”  I am professionally grateful to all Bulwark Exterminating customers who have allowed us the privilege of attending to their pest control needs. To the greatest Pest Control Technicians in the business…Thank you…

Ed Sakugawa…”Thank you for your continuous efforts in the Las Vegas East Area.”