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Bed Bugs At UNL – What do bed bugs cost a University?

Recently the University of Nebraska-Lincoln underwent extensive investigation into its Bed Bug problem.  The University hired a K9 Inspection company to bring in the dogs to search 3,256 rooms and of those rooms they only found bed bugs in 197 rooms. Considering the major problems that we are having with Bed Bugs this number isn’t too bad and it’s encouraging to see that the university is doing what is necessary to keep this problem from becoming a nightmare to its students and staff. Although the numbers above are encouraging I’m sure the numbers associated with the cost are more discouraging to the universities bottom line especially when budget cuts and… Read More

Bed Bug Study Suggests My Wife Should Stop Shaving Her Legs

According to new research from the University of Sheffield in the UK, hairy skin can help prevent bed bugs from biting. In fact, the study helps explain why bed bugs and other parasites such as mosquitoes, ticks, and leeches, will seek out the less hairy areas of the body; such as wrists and ankles. Research has shown that our bodies are covered in a layer of two types of fine hair. One type is short and nearly invisible, and the other is longer and more visible. Researchers argue that there are “relatively few explanations for the evolutionary maintenance of this type of human hair,” so scientists wanted to test the… Read More

Bed Bug’s Secret Invasion Strategy Revealed: Inbreeding

Back in the 1950s, American exterminators thought that the common bed bug, had been completely eliminated. However, over the past decade, these blood-sucking pests have made a huge comeback. In fact, in hotels, homes, and multi-unit housing complexes across the United States, the number of reported bed bug infestations have surpassed (up to 100x) the numbers recorded; in 1990. If for no other reason, it appears that the bed bug’s ability to produce healthy young through inbreeding, is a major contributing factor to the continued strength; of their U.S. invasion. “Inbreeding gives bed bugs an advantage in being able to colonize. A single female that has been mated is able… Read More

Bed Bug Reproduction

Bed bugs have a very unique method of reproduction, called traumatic insemination. Males simply stab females in the side with their reproductive organ and inject their sperm, which makes its way to her eggs. Females recover from one mating, but several matings increase the chance of infection and death. Female bed bugs may try to get away from groups of males and go off and hide alone to avoid being stabbed to death. This bodes poorly for infestation, as females will hide in order to prevent death, and also lay eggs in quiet, hidden locations. This makes it imperative to locate all eggs and bed bugs to prevent further infestation.… Read More

DDT and Bed Bugs

With the arrival DDT in the 1940s, bed bugs almost disappeared in western countries. However, bed bug infestations have resurged in recent years, for reasons which are not clear, but contributing factors may be complacency, increased resistance, bans on pesticides and increased international travel.  

Bed Bugs Infesting Hotels

Hotels take bed bugs very seriously, and if they don’t, they should. An alarming number of 4 and 5 star hotels have had issues with bed bugs in recent decades, and the process of eradication is costly and extreme. A hotel must not only seal off the infected room, it must also place all adjacent rooms – including above and below – out of service to be treated as well. This means that between 4 – 12 rooms are placed out of service while a pest control operator comes in to treat the rooms at two separate times. This means that the hotel is paying for the following: 12 rooms… Read More

Bed Bugs in New York

New York has been hit particularly hard with bed bug infestations over recent years. Not only have hotels and movie theatres been hit hard, also a number of prominent businesses and retailers have felt the affects. These include: Google’s New York Headquarters The Wall Street Journal Niketown Bloomingdales Hollister Victoria’s Secret The Empire State Building  

Should Exterminators Offer a Bed Bug Guarantee?

What’s the Risk? What’s the Payout?  Should you, a pest control operator, offer a warranty/ guarantee for Bed Bugs?  Anyone that has done their research knows the difficulty in offering a Bed Bug elimination guarantee.  Whether it be for single family homes, apartments, hotels, or furniture rental companies.  Weather you are a large multi-million dollar company or a small local establishment.  Right now Bed Bugs are swooping in to this nation from afar bringing back memories of the 40’s and 50’s.   Except now pest professionals and proven pesticides are restricted by our government and that may cause this pandemic to get worse before it gets better.   Not only are pest… Read More

Health Affects of Bed Bugs

The bite is painless. The salivary fluid injected by bed bugs typically causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed, although individuals can differ in their sensitivity. A small, hard, swollen, white welt may develop at the site of each bite. This is accompanied by severe itching that lasts for several hours to days. Scratching may cause the welts to become infected. The amount of blood loss due to bed bug feeding typically does not adversely affect the host. Negative health affects are minimal, with some individuals respond to bed bug infestations with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Fortunately, bed bugs are not known to transmit disease. Additional adverse affects can… Read More