Roach Eats Spider!

A few days ago, we tried feeding our Giant Huntsman Spider, one of the largest species of spider in the world, a cockroach. Upon first glance, one would think, “oh the spider won of course!” however in this crazy turn of events the roach won the battle. While filming the attack, the spider missed its prey and ended up tangling its font two legs within its own webbing! Overtime we thought it might get free and try again, but a few days later we noticed that the spider no longer had a face and the cockroach was completely unscathed. A few more days passed, and the spiders entire body was soon missing.  After close examination, we realized that there were indeed a few remains of the spider’s legs, and with that it was decided that the cockroach decided to make a meal out of its predator. Huntsman Spiders are known to catch on average, 90% of their prey, and after some research we have not been able to find a similar event in an enclosure or captured in the wild. We are completely awestruck because roaches don’t generally win, and if they do they certainly don’t eat the predator!

See the video here:

Pest Control Add-On Services– Boost Your Bottom Line

Pest Control Spraying PlantsOverhead costs in the pest control industry continue to be on the rise, and it’s affecting our bottom line. The increasing prices of insecticides alone are digging into already low profit margins. Some pest control companies are looking to add-on services to help boost these margins and grow their businesses.

Here are the most common add-on services used pest control companies today:

  • Wildlife control and relocation
  • Odor control
  • Rodent proofing
  • Mosquito control
  • Mold remediation
  • “Honey do” services
  • Pool care
  • Lawn care
  • HVAC
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Junk removal services


The Dollar Sign

Why Pest Control Companies Offer Add-On Services

  • Profitable
  • Services can be set up on routes
  • One-stop shopping for customers
  • Maximize average revenue per customer
  • The pest control business model can be applied to several services
  • Builds the value of a company by maximizing recurring work
  • Suppliers can cross over into pest control

Challenges to Add-On Services

  • New fixed costs like equipment
  • Seasonal
  • Additional specialized employee training
  • Additional licensing, fees, and regulations

There are many different dynamics to explore before choosing an add-on service for your pest control company. Doing so can help your pest control business grow, but it’s not without its challenges. If you are a pest control operator, take a closer look at your business model and see if your business can benefit by offering an add-on service.

Has your pest control company had any success with ad-on services? I’d love to here from you!