Bulwark Pest Control 1-800-445-9313 Family owned pest control company that is serious about pest control and customer care.

In my opinion there is not a better company that you could work for.
You will not find an organization in the world who
values customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
as much as Bulwark.

Bulwark philosophy can be described with two words; “Like Family.”
This describes the way that Bulwark treats its employees
and ultimately governs the way that we do business.
As a technician, and service manager for Bulwark Exterminating
my ultimate goal was always to treat a customer’s
home/property as if it were my own.

Visit Bulwark Pest Control‘s main site today or simply call 1-800-445-9313 and we will gladly serve you.


Click if you would like to work for Bulwark selling pest control or as an exterminator.

6 thoughts on “Bulwark

  1. Bulwark exterminating has always kept customers their 1st priority. They are very knowledgeable in their field and have helped my family in many ways from day 1. They are extremely respectful of your home (always taking off their shoes when in doors), respectful over the phone with scheduling/confirming times to service your property. They are willing to work around your schedule to get what you need done. In our experience they are courteous, patient, professional and kind. You will not regret going with Bulwark Exterminating. You WILL NOT find a better company out there!

  2. Thank you for commenting on our service. It is always great to hear from our customers.

  3. Super Rats haven’t got to us yet, but the Rodenticides in the UK ARE NOW BEGINNING TO FAIL.

    Whoever comes up with the next generation of Rodenticides that work will hit the JACKPOT .

  4. Keep on Bulwark Pest Control with the perfect and disciplined technicians the same. This the kind of trust required in all our businesses to excel. Thanx a lot keep up to own bigger share in field of pest control worldwide…

  5. Rodents remains a major problem as pest control operator in Kenya the available ones including flocoumafen, bromadiolone, zinc phosphides, are at times develops some resistance, but they are the perfect best in market we have. Rodents is so sensitive because its a general term to describe a class of mice, rats, rabbits and so on. Its complex to talk about it, Jopestkil-Kenya will do total control within their reach towards guaranteed solution services…..

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