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Springtime Raccoon Removal

This spring Raccoons will be looking for an easy and convenient place to live, and may find a nice place to raise a litter of coon pups some where in your home. A Raccoon may be living only inches from you and your family. Some places raccoons enjoy are chimney smoke shelves, attics, crawlspaces and inside wall cavities. Before the Raccoon has her litter of raccoon pups, the homeowner and their family may not know they have unwanted invaders. They may start hearing odd bumps and scratching in the night. Soon after the coon pups are born, the pups will start to get noisier as they get older. They make chirps, chatters and will cry… Read More

Bat Removal – Bat Control Services

Bat Removal Bats may be a nuisance to people, both emotionally and physically, especially within a home. The bat will normally inhabit dark places in your home. They are most likely to be found in the attic, walls, basement, and the soffits. A bat will take up residence if any places on the exterior of the home will let them in and the environment suits their needs. If you have been having problems getting rid of these flying animals here are some suggestions to assist your bat removal endeavors. Bat Proofing Services There are many wildlife control companies that offer bat exclusion or proofing services to home owners. The companies… Read More