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Pest Control Baits – Fire Ants and Harvester Ants

Red Imported Fire Ant

You know I am often amazed how effective baits are in pest control. The Fire Ant Bait I sit in awe as fire ants emerge from an ant mound that was just disturbed by a human hand, and upon finding what smells like food, they quickly gather it in and take it down to their […]

The Art of Strategy

Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” has made it’s way into the hands and minds of great and powerful men and women though out history. Some argue that the book may have actually been mis-titled and perhaps the word “War” is better substituted with “Strategy”

Salesman Talking “TO” me or “With” me?

The Bulwark Pest Control Guy, speaks out on Salesman Talking “TO” me or “With” me? Twitter Litmus Test – How to Determine who to Follow? Social Media Litmus Test – What’s the Online Conversation?, SEO Litmus Test – Do you Know Who Matt Cutts is?