Scorpions In Arizona Already A Problem

TweetScorpions stings are already a problem in Arizona and it’s only the beginning of the summer season. Residents are noticing. Hospitals and doctors are noticing. Here is our own Adam Seever discussing the early onset of scorpion season. [ micronase 5mg pills $140.00 | plendil 5mg pills $182.00 | paxil 10mg pills $269.00 | namendaRead More

Scorpions On The Road

TweetItalian automaker Fiat is making a concerted marketing push in the United States. Just take a look at this year’s Super Bowl commercial. Among Fiat’s new lineup of 500 series cars is a logo that we wholeheartedly endorse. Did you notice the super model’s…neck? Take another look at the ad if you’d like to getRead More