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Olympians Aren’t the Only Ones Excited for July

With the Olympics fast approaching, the athletes are making preparations both physically and mentally for possibly the biggest days of their lives. They have actually been preparing their entire lives for this moment and now is the time for them to demonstrate their talents. Closer to home, however, insects have been preparing for this exact time of year, and a little like the Olympians, are ready to demonstrate their talents inside the confines of your home. Now is the time that pests, especially the pests that invade buildings, will come out in full force. While Olympians are on one of the biggest stages in the world doing what they do… Read More

Migrating Insects, Drought May Hurt the Midwest…and You

Crops in the Midwest are under severe stress due to a drought rolling through the Midwest, but the drought is not the only source of the stress. Pests are attacking the already vulnerable crops. Farmers are used to dealing with insects, but pests that are not typical to the Midwest are attacking the crops while the usual culprits are multiplying exponentially due to the dry weather. Typical pests, such as spider mites are causing farmers typical headaches, but increased numbers are increasing the intensity of those headaches. Pests like spider mites love the dry heat of the drought and are increasing in numbers, increasing the damage to vital crops. As… Read More