Tweet Tweet Tweet Pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpionida) are often times confused for baby scorpions; while in fact, they are not scorpions at all! Unlike scorpions, these pseudoscorpions lack a stinger and tail; and have a short, rounded backside. These arachnids are extremely small (about 2mm-8mm in length), flat, and are kind of shaped like a pear. TheRead More


Tweet Tweet Tweet Scorpions hide during the day and become active at night, which helps them manage temperature and water balance, important functions for survival in dry habitats. Many species dig burrows in the soil and they have a well-developed sense of hearing. Scorpions hide under stones, bark, wood or other objects on the groundRead More

Scorpions In Arizona Already A Problem

Tweet Tweet Tweet Scorpions stings are already a problem in Arizona and it’s only the beginning of the summer season. Residents are noticing. Hospitals and doctors are noticing. Here is our own Adam Seever discussing the early onset of scorpion season. [ viagra gold 800mg pills $227.00 | coreg 25mg pills $150.00 | buy viagraRead More

Scorpions On The Road

Tweet Tweet Tweet Italian automaker Fiat is making a concerted marketing push in the United States. Just take a look at this year’s Super Bowl commercial. Among Fiat’s new lineup of 500 series cars is a logo that we wholeheartedly endorse. Did you notice the super model’s…neck? Take another look at the ad if you’dRead More

Scorpions-Black Light Hunting-Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating

Transcript from Scorpions-Black Light Hunting-Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating Scorpion Control Professionals: Speaker 1: “So, we’re entering the gate right now of the home that sees, oh, I don’t know, maybe 30 scorpions a week, and has contracted with us to first, ascertain the source of the problem, and prescribe a treatment.” Speaker 2: “We’ve […]