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Crickets & Grasshoppers

  Crickets Crickets are known for their characteristic chirping noise. It is only the male cricket that sings and he does it to attract females. When they chirp, crickets rub their teeth, located on the sharp edge of one wing, against a rough scraper on the opposite wing. This process essentially works like a bow on a violin. As the temperatures rises, their songs become louder and faster. Size: Most crickets are generally about 1 inch long. Color: Crickets are light tan or brown and have long, thin antennae and enlarged hind legs for jumping. The adults have wings that are held flat and overlapping on their abdomen. On the head there… Read More

Crickets In My Walls

I’ve always liked the sounds that a cricket makes. It’s soothing and reminds me of the countless nights I have spent outside just staring at the sky and wondering what life is all about. It is kind of like a soundtrack for my mind. Others appreciate the noise as well, but they prefer to be outside of their home rather than inside. I was called to a home late in the evening, nearly after sunset. Timing was crucial for me because this lady had a pretty uncommon problem in Georgia, crickets breeding in the walls. Her eyes were bloodshot from having been up all night and you could tell she… Read More

Spiders Offer FREE Pest Control Unless They Are The Pest


I recently stumbled across an article which quoted a Gloucestershire University’s Professor, one Adam Hart, who stated: “By eating flies and other insects, spiders are not only providing us with a pest control service, but are also very important in our ecosystems because they often feed themselves on the most common species, preventing a few species from becoming dominant.” As a pest control guy, I do agree with the above statement. However, spiders themselves can also become a serious pest control problem. So what do you do when spiders themselves are indeed the pest? Spiders are a free pest control service, except for those cases when the spider is the pest.… Read More

Cricket Exterminator

Dead Cricket

Ever wonder what that annoying noise is outside or inside your home that you can never seem to find? They are small insects called crickets. Crickets are some of the most irritating pests we have. Crickets will make your home their home.  Crickets  Crickets are small pests that can range in size from 1 inch to about 2 inches. Crickets are different colors also. They can be black like the Field cricket, light tan like the House cricket, or brown like the Jerusalem cricket. Most of the crickets will have wings, but won’t fly very far. Crickets can also be distinguished by their commonly annoying chirping noise. Where Do Crickets… Read More

Your Guide To Scorpion Management

Caulking window

The following article is intended for pest control professionals and homeowners alike, who are in need of some answers when it comes to identifying, and treating scorpions. Knowing a little more about these scorpions can help homeowners and pest management professionals take some preventative measures to minimize scorpion’s impact. If you fear that you may have a scorpion infestation, please enlist the help of a licensed scorpion control professional who can administer the proper insecticides. Identification: The 3 Most Common Types of Scorpions  Before you can treat for scorpions, it is helpful to know which species are infesting a home or property. Here are the three most common species that… Read More

Become Your Own Insect Farmer

eating insects

If you are growing and raising your own insects for personal consumption, does that make you a farmer or rancher? Regardless, that’s exactly what designer Katharina Unger at Farm 432 has envisioned with a counter-top insect breeding system for your kitchen. Counter-Top Insect Breeding System- Become Your Own Insect Farmer Are you the adventurous type who is looking for a higher quality protein; a protein that has fewer calories, and less fat than other “more traditional” proteins? With the recent Paleo diet, and thousands of people becoming more and more obsessed with returning to the roots of food, some are turning to eating insects. While the thought of popping a… Read More

3 Sweet Bug Treats You Must Try

Grasshopper Cookie

Those who know me best know I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so it would come to no surprise if I told you I was browsing indulgent recipes last night to satisfy my cravings. Upon doing so I came across this bug treat… This bug inspired snack: While this particular lovebug treat only looks like a delicious bug, it got me wondering, “Are there any sweet treats that actually have bugs in them?” In my search, I found that there are actually a lot of tasty treats out there that have insects as a main ingredient. These three seemed to look the most appetizing. Here are three… Read More

Is My Pest Control Company Big Enough To Be A Brand?

Well-Known Brands

Many small business owners wonder about when or how to make themselves a brand. This problem and question are not unique to pest control companies. The root of this question stems from the misunderstanding around what a brand is and how to build a brand. The misconception that building brand requires a large investment in advertising dollars is common. Branding doesn’t begin with advertising, nor does it end there. When your day to day operations keep you busy working in your business it is easy to postpone working on your business. Thinking about “branding” gets left on the back burner for another day. Building a pest control brand is often… Read More

Tennessee Pest Control Services

Tennessee’s continental climate with it’s hot summers and cold winters allow a large variety of different pests to flourish. Here are the most popular insect pests found throughout most of Volunteer State: Ants – Cockroaches – Spiders -Crickets – Bed Bugs – Termites Below you will find a list of pre-screened pest control companies that can exterminate pests from your Tennessee home and have you living pest free. Click on the cities below to find more exterminators in your area. Knoxville, TN Bulwark Exterminating 830 N Broadway St #4 Knoxville, TN 37917 Phone: 865-544-8400   Chattanooga, TN Bulwark Exterminating 1509 Burns Ave. #1 Chattanooga, TN 37412 Phone: 423-702-6444   Nashville, TN