Where are scorpions found?

Few people know that scorpions are scattered throughout the world in every continent other than Antarctica. That being said, you are most likely to encounter one in your lifetime! Though, these creepy crawlers are mostly found in the hotter regions of these continents, the most diverse group is within North America. In the United States alone, scorpions can be found in the south in its entirety from Florida to Arizona, the mid-west from Colorado to Minnesota, and in the west from California to Washington. They are often hidden in dark places, away from the sun, some common areas are under shady plants and underneath rocks (perhaps in your garden?). Scorpions will go anywhere and do anything to find water and shade, they may enter your home through your garage, sneaking under your doors, or in any cracks they can find on your home that lead inside.  Some other common areas where scorpions may be lurking include, but are not limited to, trees and tree bark, piles of wood, under any plant pots in the yard, and any areas that allow shelter in your home/yard. Within your home, look in/under your bed, in your shoes, and in any clothing that you may have stored that isn’t jostled around often, you never know! All of the above mentioned are just common places in which scorpions may be found, sometimes you will find them on your floor, on your counter-top, in your sink, or on the walls of your home. Scorpion encounters can happen any time, anywhere, just be sure that you are prepared! 





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