Where are scorpions found?

Few people know that scorpions are scattered throughout the world in every continent other than Antarctica; that means you are more likely to run into them, than not too. Though, these creepy crawlers are mostly found in the hotter regions of these continents, the most diverse group is within North America. Inside the United States, scorpions are found on the West coast down to every South-Western state and reaching out all the way to the South-East. They tend to hide in darker places, away from the sun, such as: under rocks and plants (which could be your garden). Scorpions will go anywhere to find water and shade, so if they can find a way, they will enter your garage and even your house! Other places to look out for scorpions are in trees/tree bark, piles of wood, or pretty much in any area of shelter. The more important places to look out for them include: in your bed, also they really like to hide in shoes, and lastly clothes or linen. If you are worried about these hiding places, make sure to shake them before using them. Although these are the most common places where they’ll be found, don’t be surprised if they are out in the open, on the floors or counters, even just in the yard. Scorpions can be found just about anywhere, so make sure you are prepared when an encounter happens.




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