Roach Eats Spider!

Spider vs Roach. Normally when you read that, you would think the spider wins easy, but in a crazy turn of events, the roach wins this battle! A few days ago we tried feeding our Giant Huntsman Spider (known to be one of the biggest species of spider in the world) a cockroach While filming the attack, the spider missed its prey and ended up tangling its own front two legs with its webbing! Overtime we thought it might get free and try again, but upon coming back a few days later we noticed the spider’s face was gone and the cockroach unscathed. More time passed and the whole body was soon missing. As we closely examined the enclosure afterward we found bits of the Huntsman Spiders’ Legs, it was then that we realized that the cockroach ate the spider! We have since not been able to find an even remotely similar event anywhere, especially because Huntsman Spiders are known to catch their prey 90% of the time. Roaches just don’t beat spiders, let alone eat them!

See the video here:


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