How do ants work together?

Whether you see them walking in a straight line, carrying your food as a team, or building a colony together, it’s no secret that ants are very organized and somehow have some sort of secret way of communicating that we can’t see. Some say it’s similar to why men don’t understand women, but we’ll leave that to the scientists to decide. Surprisingly this “secret” communication they use actually has nothing to do with speaking. One way ants communicate is by releasing pheromones that are universally understood by ants to symbolize different things, such as calling attention to food and enemies. They are able to do this by smelling the scent through their antennae and leaving a trail. Like the story of Hansel and Gretel they leave a trail of breadcrumbs, or, in this case, if an ant finds food, they leave a trail pheromones for the other ants to follow.  Not only do ants communicate through smell, but also by touch. Ants will lightly touch an ant with their antennae to indicate something important. Although ants may not speak to each other, that doesn’t mean they never communicate by sound. When ants aren’t in a good position to send pheromones, like being trapped for example, ants with make a sound by rubbing their leg against a part of their body to make a scraping noise, usually as a distress call. Ants can work together because they, like humans, are among the few animals that can communicate in a way that allows them to be connected, sometimes in a way far beyond what humans do.


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2 thoughts on “How do ants work together?

  1. This is interesting – I didn’t know about the pheromone trail. I thought pheromones were only for attracting a mate?

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