The Ant Watch- Our Favorite April Fool’s Joke

Ant Watch
Image courtesy of Analog Watch Co

Honor nature. Love nature. Keep it close at hand.

Imagine being able to carry insect life around with you wherever you go… And no I’m not talking about having a nasty lice infestation.

I’m talking about an entirely new take on time—The Ant Watch!

Inspired by nature and child like curiosity, The Analog Watch Company is offering a living conversation piece featuring three to five harvester ants in a portable enclosure that you wear on your wrist.

Those sporting the watch can be in awe as these wonderful ants create their own little world. Marvel at their ingenuity, all day long, as you go about your day watch as they go about theirs.

The Ant Watch runs $59.00, and you can choose from two classic colors; classic ant farm green and black leather.

See for yourself:

Once you receive the Ant Watch, and the 3-5 harvester ants; the trick is getting them into the watch. By placing the ants in the refrigerator for 10 minutes they become less lively. You then use the included tweezers to gently place them in the watch with the sand.

To keep them alive, you have to feed them sugar water a couple times a month with the included dropper. Every purchase comes with replacement ants for a year.

The Ant Watch- Our Favorite April Fool’s Joke

As a bug guy, I was so excited to pick up one of these watches for myself. I was all set to even do a promotional contest on Blog Pest Control’s Facebook page where a lucky follower could win a watch. That was until I clicked the pre-order button on Analog Watch Company’s site, only to discover it was only a cruel hoax.

Got me! April Fool’s!

This April Fool’s joke was actually on of my favorites. Make sure you check out our 10 April Fools Pranks Involving Bugs article!


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