Mouse Control – Handed Down From Generation To Generation

Mouse_HoleRemember sitting down to dinner as a youngster and dad telling you to sit up straight, elbows off the table and mom reminding you to chew your food and try a bit of everything on your plate?

Well if you are like me these are the types of things that stick with you and you find yourself, years later, offering the same advice to your own kids without giving it any thought. It just occurs naturally.

It is always interesting to look back at days past and remember those fun times. Kind of like when I met my first mouse trap. Yep, that was around the same time when my mother would arm herself with a broom and my dad would set these terrifying wooden traps with spring loaded metal guillotines. If he got the setup wrong he might lose a finger. Terrifying!

Mouse Control – Handed Down From Generation To Generation

Well I expect the greater population isn’t all that different than me. I took on the family tradition of mouse control. As long as the house was quiet at night and no signs of a mouse, life was good. Then as soon as a mouse burst that bubble I would go into trap happy mode setting traps in the attic or basement just like my dad did, feeling so empowered when the trap found its prey.  Really, no thought was given to how the little menaces got into the house, I was simply charged with the job of getting rid of them.

Throughout the generations, a lot has evolved. We’ve got glue traps, box traps, electronic traps, sonic frequency repelling devices, and evolved poison and their safe dispensers.  In my experience you can catch’em and kill’em but that doesn’t stop new ones from coming back.  While the homes that I’ve been fortunate to live in don’t appear to be safe harbors for mice, mice always seemed to find or create a mouse highway right into my living space.

House_Mouse_ConcreteHow To Get Rid Of Mice From Your House

So imagine me, like many home owners, not really understanding why mice are getting into my solidly built fortress. I’m now in my fourth home, and am being overrun with mice – Overrun! In desperation to get rid of them I sought help. In the span of a 20 minute conversation with the right person I learned that mice collapse their bodies to slide through small holes and cracks. I learned that weep holes in my brick were like open doors to my house even though a mouse looks far too big to get through them.  A bright light bulb went off in my head, I realized mice can actually be beat at their own game and I don’t have to rely on trapping mice over and over again. I’ve been evolving solutions on how to get rid of mice from your house, ever since.   

The really great thing about my new understanding, is that I not only create more comfort for my family and save money by doing these things myself, I look forward to the time when my kids buy their first homes; to see their first house and innately know what steps to take to keep mice out having witnessed my dad doing the same.  It is funny how some things we pass on to our kids never go out of style such as sitting up straight and elbows off the table, while other things need to evolve.

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