Migrating Insects, Drought May Hurt the Midwest…and You

Crops in the Midwest are under severe stress due to a drought rolling through the Midwest, but the drought is not the only source of the stress. Pests are attacking the already vulnerable crops. Farmers are used to dealing with insects, but pests that are not typical to the Midwest are attacking the crops while the usual culprits are multiplying exponentially due to the dry weather.

Typical pests, such as spider mites are causing farmers typical headaches, but increased numbers are increasing the intensity of those headaches. Pests like spider mites love the dry heat of the drought and are increasing in numbers, increasing the damage to vital crops. As for the unusual pests, such as the leafhopper, there is no precedence for these farmers in how to deal with these pests, which makes it more difficult to control them.

All of this combined with the drought is greatly and negatively affecting the crops this year, which is very hard on the farmers, but keep an eye out for increased prices on all things agriculture, because this is not only going to affect farmers, but we the consumers could feel the affects of these insects.

There is always talk of oil prices increasing or the price of gas going up, but it seems the other commodities get overlooked. But, the circumstances surrounding the Midwest could bring attention to other items on the commodities list, such as agriculture and livestock. Soon, the price of oil may not be the only price going up.


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