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Killer Africanized Honeybee Migration Through the United States

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It’s been very interesting watching the Africanized Honeybee spread across the US. Every summer you will find public warnings going out in Phoenixand Las Vegas about this aggressive and potentially deadly bee. The following infographic gives the details in beautiful color. Note at the bottom the distance that these bees will travel to attack. In fact, one of the signs used to determine if you have an Africanized Bee problem is to see how far they will chase you.

Africanized Honeybee Infographic

As noted these Africanized Honeybees are moving north. They began in the southern states. Are now common in Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. They are spreading a little more rapidly through Southern California and states the climates with milder winters, but they are still moving north.

If you do experience a bee problem then contact local exterminators or a bee removal company. Bee removal is often more costly, but instead of killing of the bee population the bees will be safely removed and relocated. Bee Exterminators on the other hand may simply exterminate the bees and their colonies. Due to the way bee’s carry pollen on their bodies, dust pesticides are very effective and quickly eliminate bee problems.

Side view of the africanized honey bee

Side view of the africanized honey bee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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