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Scorpions On The Road

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Italian automaker Fiat is making a concerted marketing push in the United States.

Just take a look at this year’s Super Bowl commercial.

Among Fiat’s new lineup of 500 series cars is a logo that we wholeheartedly endorse. Did you notice the super model’s…neck? Take another look at the ad if you’d like to get a better look at the….uhh….tattoo.

The scorpion logo can actually been seen in various locations on the vehicle.

FIAT Abarth Steering Wheel

FIAT Abarth Wheel And Logo

Even here…

Abarth's Scorpion Paint Job

While the country of Italy is not known for its plethora of scorpion species, FIAT will probably be the one to put Italian scorpions on the map.

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3 Responses

  1. Oviedo Pest Control says

    I just love that car its so sexy and the lady advertising it <3

  2. Let a Italian Scorpion bite you, you will enjoy his poison. | mystylitaly says

    […] Scorpions On The Road ( […]

  3. Pest Control Portland says

    I’ve heard the certain dusts around the perimeter of a home are the best for scorpions. The best thing aboutpest control Portland is that we have no scorpions. Not in the greater metro area anyway. There are some species in southeastern Oregon, near the Nevada border, but we rarely see them in the western part of the state.