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Reindeer Saves Rat’s Life, Spreads Holiday Cheer

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“…But do you recall? The most famous reindeer of all…Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer!”


OK, so he may not be the most famous, but he certainly is the most thoughtful and service oriented toward rodent-kind.

Shooter the Good Deer Reindeer

Shooter, resident of the Pocatello Zoo in Idaho, was seen by zoo staff awkwardly handling his water trough. The large animal, which at times can be a bit overbearing for many of the staffers, eventually was able to dip his head and gently retrieve a rat from his barrel. Shooter then laid the distressed rodent on the floor and proceeded to nudge him with his hoof until he had the strength to scurry away into the bushes on his own power.

Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer helps his nameless friend from near death (Caters News Agency)

Shooter in the midst of his harrowing rescue (Caters News Agency)

The unknown rescuee scurried into the bushes before he could be reached for comment (Caters News Agency)

So while Dancer and Prancer and all those other reindeer are chauffeuring around the Man Up North, reindeer like Shooter are down here in more warmer climates doing the little deeds that make the difference all year round.

We salute you, Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer. We salute you.

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8 Responses

  1. Pest Control Sussex says

    Lol lucky little fella. Nice read tho

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  4. kill a rat says

    are you sure that was not a beaver? :)

  5. rat pest control says

    Love this, its always nice to see the rodent get away sometimes!!!

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  7. Pest-Control-Stories says

    Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year. We hope the bugs keep on jumping in Arizona for 2012.

  8. Keith says

    Ah wasn’t that sweet, Merry Christmas!