Scorpion Strikes In Lockport, NY

A woman was stung by a scorpion while unpacking box.

Gee!  That doesn’t sound outside the realm of possibility now does it?

Yeah, well, it happened in Lockport, NY, where there are no native species of scorpions.

First, a look at the culprit…


So how did it happen?

The woman was a 23-year-old employee at Johnson-Rose Corp in Niagara County, and was stung while opening a cardboard box at work.  It sounds like maybe the box came in the mail.  That would be our easiest speculation, and was that of the Buffalo Zoo President, Donna Fernandez.  Fernandez also admitted that scorpions in their area are either kept as unique pets or travel in on cargo from scorpion-known regions like Arizona. Residents and businesses in the area would surely see no need for preventive scorpion control.

While the scorpion, and its stingy punch, was deemed non-life threatening, the young employee was admitted to the hospital to recover.


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2 thoughts on “Scorpion Strikes In Lockport, NY

  1. Individuals who are highly allergic to insect stings can experience anaphylactic shock to spider bites, bee stings, etc. It’s always wise to seek immediate medical attention, but always exercise caution when opening cartons. Regular treatments by a professional pest control service will safeguard against insects going undetected and reproducing.

  2. Actually I was the one stung, and your article is not completely correct. I was admitted to the hospital but I almost died from anaphylaxis resulting from the sting. And my hand broke out in venom blisters and I’m permanently scarred for the rest of my life.

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