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Bulwark ExterminatingBulwark really cares about what the customer thinks. We strive to provide the very best customer service in the industry. That is why each year we send out surveys to every one of our customers asking them for their opinions on our service and if they have any suggestions on how we can improve. Without fail, there are several technicians who are mentioned on the survey responses for their extra efforts. And we have been astounded ourselves hearing what our techs have done for the customers. Take this review:

“We have used Bulwark for 3 years now. Everyone we have spoken with on the phone and worked at our house have been very nice and accommodating. When we moved into our house we had a ton of bug issues and after just one treatment our issues decreased tremendously. We have been very happy with our service. James Nelms has been out to our house several times for treatments. He has been great every time we have dealt with him. This past time, my dog was a little too excited when he arrived and piddled. We were not around so he actually cleaned it up. I would not have done this for any of my customers and was embarrassed he had cleaned it up. I was very appreciative though. Thanks for the great work!‎”

Another customer wrote,

“My favorite Pest Control Tech, Adam MacFarlane, was out today for our monthly service in NW Las Vegas. Not that pest control is a noisy process, but my only instruction to Adam today was to be especially quiet–my grandson was sleeping. Needless to say, Adam started whispering and was trying to be extra quiet. Who would ever think that having your monthly pest control service would be an enjoyable event. I’ve known Adam for almost a year now and there is no one else I’d want to treat our home. Thanks Bulwark for hiring such an great employee and as always for the excellent service.”

Here at Bulwark Exterminating, we reward our technicians for making good impressions. If a technician is ever mentioned on a review or survey questionnaire, the comment is recorded and the technician is rewarded. If you love your technician, please let us know. We want to know so we can identify our star performers. We want our technicians to feel appreciated. We want to keep them happy.Plus, we’d like to hear more of these amazing stories!

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31 Responses

  1. Maria Juarez says

    Mr. Daniel Boomer Hall is our tech for the Schertz area. He is AMAZING!!!!! always profesional, friendly, takes his time to listen (usually a very long list of concerns).He always goes above and beyond!!!! Thank you Mr. Daniel. Bulward is lucky to have you in their team!!!!

  2. Sarah Rodriguez says

    Dear Bulwark,
    Today I was visiting my mother when your technician arrived. He greeted my mother as if he was talking to one of his friends. He asked her if there were any problems or bugs that he needs to address. I heard my mother reply just some ants in the kitchen but thats fine just do the outside. Then I was amazed to here your employee reply ” Oh come on now… It’s not okay. I will serve them ants with an eviction notice right now. Nah-ah I will not take no for an answer. It is my sworn duty, my responsability, and my soul mission to eradicate any kind of pest living in your home without your consent. My mother laughed and agreed to let him treat. He entered the home removing his boots and leaving them outside. Wow! I have never seen a company employee have that kind of respect for a customers home. After he took care of the kitchen problem, he told my mother, while I’m here almost barefoot with cold feet, I’m going to treat the rest of the house for you. His great sense of humor is was so warming to my mother. After he finished the inside and outside service, she signed the bill then he said “If any of them bugs come back to bug you, make sure you tell them that you’re going to call me. He made her promise she was going to call him. He said, you take care of yourself because I want to see you looking this good when I come back. My mother describes him as a wonderful person with a good heart. I’m so happy that he takes care of my mom. I couldn’t read him name on the paper, but It started with a Z and had the numbers 580853 next to it. He did a wonderful job and if he reads this I just want to say thank you for treating my mother with such kindness. God Bless you.



  4. beverlee matousek says

    Bulwark is the best! The tech are professional, friendly and polite.
    Keep up the great work, we have not had any bug problems in 5 years!

  5. Gary L. says

    I request Eric Burch all the time. Out here in Las Vegas there are many types of pests and Eric is very knowledgeable about them all. He’s very professional and always confirms the follow-up appt. before he leaves. I highly recommend Bulwark & Eric Burch.

  6. Randi Luderus says

    Eric Burch has been our technician here in Las Vegas for a couple of years now. I always request him because he is friendly, kind, and above all, he does a GREAT job! He always has a smile on his face as he listens to my concerns and then he addesses them. Bulwark is lucky to have him! Thanks Eric!

  7. Pest-Control-Stories says

    @Action Pest Control
    Can’t complain about too many happy customers.

  8. Rick says

    Looks like you have air if happy customers. I believe that’s what it is all about treating the customer with respect and doing a professional job. Good work keep it up

  9. Action Pest Control says

    It is awesome to see you have so many customers that leave feedback on your techs! Customer service is just as important as taking care of their pest problem! Way to go guys!

  10. Vina says

    Dustin McCoy is our technician on April 8th to Laveen area. He does a fantastic job and is very accommodating to our needs. Great job!! We were also amazed by his punctuality.

  11. Teri W. says

    There is no other exterminator for my house but Bulwark, and our tech Max Pierre is the best. He’s thorough, friendly and professional.

  12. Angela says

    When our tech Rick arrived at our house, he knew the history of our bug problems and asked about them right away. We had black widows by the trees in the past and he inspected the area for any problems. He was careful to avoid my vegetable garden boxes. He even cleaned up my kids toys that were left on the patio! Then he swept down any webs he found on our covered patio as well! Thank you Rick!

  13. Ashley Wright says

    Eric Burch sprayed my house today. He did a fanstastic job and was able to ask all my questions about keeping my home bug free. He was a very nice, friendly person and I will ask for him next time I get my home sprayed. Thanks

  14. Ken Rush says

    Nick just came over and was extremely courteous. He asked if any other “critters” were causing me problems, and offered to extend his work further if need be. Thanks for the good service!

  15. pest control derby says

    it always good to hear up to date stories about pest control..i have been in the trade for many year….and i an still learning today

  16. Phil C says

    I have a outstanding technician by the name of Ryan Peck, and for the 2-3 years that he has been spraying my house i actually forgot what bugs in Las Vegas even look like! NO ants, roaches, spider, scorpions, flys, etc… you name it i don’t see em. THANKS RYAN! and Thank You Bulwark!

  17. Essex Pest and Bird Control says

    Are German Cockroaches a big problem in the U.S then? They are the more common cockroach in the U.K along with the Oriental Cockroach, I have only ever carried out two treatments for the brown banded Cockroach in London.
    Sounds like you guys are providing a good level of customer service which is exactly what I aim to do always, no better business than word of mouth business!! Well done guys.

  18. Pest-Control-Stories says

    Thanks! Bulwark has been it’s own pest control service for over 10 years now. Some of the owners have a few more years on top of that in the pest control industry.

  19. Peirce says

    Max Pierre is a very helpful technician. Eventhough I could not open the side gate, he always find his way to go to the backyard and do his Job. Wonderful job!

  20. Peirce says

    Eric Burch is our fabulous techinician. He is very polite and helpful. He always offer his phone number if we need his service before our next appointment.

  21. Texas Bed Bug says

    Great customer testimonials! how long have you guys been in business?

  22. Deanna Lopez says

    Torey Jeanlouis is our tech and he does a great job. He is always on time and covers all items during his visits, he explains what to expect and is leaves his number to call if any action is needed between applications

  23. Jeanne Markham says

    We love our Tech, Torey Jenlouis! He is ALWAYS kind and accommodating. Houston/Katy is full of bugs and critters, but you wouldn’t know it by OUR house. Thanks Torey! You’re the best!

  24. Rosemead Termite Inspection says

    Bulwark your services sounds great, I will definitely need help soon.

  25. Tina says

    We just had our first service done. Our technician Dustin was great!! He was very polite and well informed. Looking forward to a long relationship with you.

  26. Monica Ricchiazzi says

    Max Pierre is out technician in Las Vegas. He does a fantastic job and is very accommodating to our needs. Great job!!

  27. Debra grutzius says

    We moved to Las Vegas from Southern CA and had no idea Cockroaches were as common as birds. Yikes! I called Bulwark because they were highly rated on the internet. Ryan Peck is our exterminator and we love him because he took the time to really explain what kind of roaches we had and the best course of action to get rid of them. Well, after a few months we stopped seeing the evil critters and we haven’t seen them since. Ryan is always friendly and patient and willing to answer all our questions. Ryan stops by promptly every other month to make sure we are free of pests and is always professional and friendly. We trust him and wouldn’t have anyone else service our home. He is the best!! Thanks Ryan!!

  28. Ronald Donahoe says

    Fidel is our technician in the San Antonio/Cibolo Texas area. He is very personable,
    professional, and thorough. He always alerts us to any pests that are a problem at the
    time. Fidel is a great representative of Bulwark. His customer service is outstanding.

  29. A Hill says

    Fidel is always professional but friendly too. He takes time to ask me if I have any concerns and willing to take care of them. I would like Bulwark to always send the same tech to y home.

  30. Thos003 says

    @Frank & Janet Ford
    Thanks for your comment. I am sure that Marty will be thrilled to hear your thoughts.

  31. Frank & Janet Ford says

    Marty is our technician, and though it took tag team approach to get rid of the german brown cockroaches . . . we haven’t seen any in weeks. no other pest control succeeded over many years. Thanks for you diligence Marty!