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Trends in Pest Control

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Pest Control Forecasting

What you can take away from the pest control trends is that from February to March pest control will likely increase by 50% and that the Texas pest control season peaks in June 2010. So business should be picking up now and should increase until mid summer, June. Ant control shows no forecastable trend, but should follow closely to pest control with a June 2010 peak.

But does the forecast mean pest control companies will survive the economy? Last year’s economic downturn caused many pest control operators to close up shop. Despite the fact the the google trends only showed a 2% decrease in interest from June 2008 to June 2009. So people may be searching for pest control 2010, but that doesn’t mean that people will be buying pest control.

Reading the Trends

It’s hard to argue that pest control is a seasonal business. Further, it’s hard to argue that what people are searching for is “pest control”. The trends above are specific to the Texas region and it is interesting to see the metros within Texas that get the most searches by keyword. Exterminators are less likely to find successful traffic campaigns by ignoring these trends. Further, trying to jump in at the heat of the race without doing your off season exercise is futile. Through trial and error sites launched and dedicated to “ant control in Austin” proved to capture very little traffic. Sites launched for “pest control in Austin” beat out scorpions, ants, spiders, and roaches combined. Needless to say, “scorpion control” is less than trendy.

Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the regional pest control insights provided by google trends.

Stay tuned for more information from your online bug channel.

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6 Responses

  1. Constantine says

    Trends is a great tool for forecasting demand for various pest control services. The key is though to select the right regions. Different pests become nuisances at different times of the year in different states and provinces. Overall it is a great tool to figure out how to adjust ones marketing and prepare going into the busy season.

  2. Pest-Control-Stories says

    Thanks Tricia. We realize that our employees are the fabric of our company. They make all the difference. It’s the people that care which make our company truly a “service” company.

    We appreciate you taking the time to care as well. Your thoughtful words will be an encouragement to Taylor.

  3. Tricia Slack says

    I wanted to make sure everyone at your company realizes what a GREAT GUY, Taylor L. is. He is always on time, always smiling; always respectful of my concerns and always polite to guest staying in my home. Taylor L. is definitely a good example of BULWARK EXTERMINATING and because of him, I continue to utilize your services on a monthly basis. Thanks Taylor! Thanks BULWARK!

  4. Pest-Control-Stories says

    Yes. It’s always an equation of which is going to pay off more and how much time/money it takes to make that pay off.

  5. OrganicGerry says

    Aggregated “long-tail” sales can compete with “pest control,” individually, never.

  6. shawnadams says

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