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Africanized Bees-I just might save your life

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I have read a recent article about a young child being stung multiple times by bees.  The population of Africanized bees is increasing and I have one tip that just might save your life.

Africanized bees are very aggressive and have soldier/guard bees circling around the hive.  Guard bees will basically run into you; giving you a warning that you are entering an area near their hive.  Sometimes the Africanized guard bees circle at a diameter away from the hive where the location of the hive can remain well hidden.  If you feel that you have bumped into these guard bees your best option is probably to backtrack.

If you happen to come across an africanized guard bee, and like most of us your natural intention is to swat; make sure you swat in a direction that would push the bee(s) away from you.  If you crush a bee on yourself and release the pharamones…you better run-Forrest.

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7 Responses

  1. John Rigby says

    Wow, I never knew these things mentioned in the article. That’s pretty interesting…

  2. AZ Bees says

    Thanks Barry! 15 glands that is way cool.

  3. kennetht says

    Barry thank you for your comments!

  4. barry walker says
  5. barry walker says

    bees have 15 known glands that release a multitude of pheremones

  6. AZ Bees says

    I didn’t realize that bees had a pheromone that they release when they die. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the tip!

  7. James says

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